Photo Etching vs other metal fabrication

The photo chemical machining (PCM) or chemical milling process is perfect for etching simple or complex thin-metal components of one to one million parts.

This process offers many advantages:

  • Chemical Etching is Economical

    It is very economical option for R&D or prototype phase of a project when quick turnaround is vital. In addition, with low cost versatile tooling, complexity of design and features does not impact cost and time to produce the way hard tooling can with other machining methods.

  • Precise, Thin Metal Parts

    Chemical machining can be utilized to etch through metal thicknesses between .0005" to .060" and between .060" to .250" for depth etching on metals.

  • Etching Process Works On Many Metals

    Our etching process can be used with many types of metal including bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel, steel, beryllium and more. Northwest Etch can rapidly produce the complex components needed for your next project.