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Machining Custom Hot-Rod Parts

 In addition to our normal business of machining thin metal parts of complex designs for the aerospace and medical device communities, we receive requests from event planners, artists and R&D designers familiar with the photo chemical machining process to have us produce some very unique projects.

Meet Ken Foreman

Take Ken Foreman for example. Among Ken's passions are his graphic arts skills and building hot rods from the ground up: a combination of talents that complement each other nicely.

Ken's hot rod project involved much planning, effort, and time. It was important to produce results that reflected his own personal taste and style, while showcasing his individualism and creativity within the capabilities of photo chemical machining. That is why he turned to NW Etch to machine some of the more intricate and innovative components of his project, including a large 20"W x 21"H photo etched grill and a custom dashboard for his 1928 Ford Roadster. These were just the crowning jewels for this work of art Ken was seeking.

How did Ken know to turn to NW Etch?

This is where the story becomes even better: Ken is not only a very talented graphic designer and artist – he is also the NW Etch Graphics and CAD Lead Designer, and has been for over 20 years!

Your project can benefit too from the knowledge and expertise Ken poured into the success of his 1928 Roadster. Through his attention to detail, Ken and the rest of our team will ensure your design will turn out phenomenal, making the most of the Photo Chemical Machining process.

Whether your design needs are practical or lean towards a more creative side for brand building or a commemorative event, NW Etch will make sure it's memorable. You can count on Ken to make sure it does. 

About Northwest Etch

Northwest Etch is a photo etching company in Tacoma, Wash., that provides photochemical machining services. We work with a wide variety of metals, including copper, beryllium copper, brass and aluminum, and stainless steel etching is one of the many metal services we offer. Northwest Etch creates precision metal parts for numerous industries, including the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. 

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

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